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FULL PACKAGES: BECCOBLU® KITS          go to the Beccoblu® Kits  

For the richest and most complete and colorful settings try the Beccoblu® Kits!
Our kits are available both in a BASIC or COMPLETE version; they are the easiest, fastest and most complete solution to have plenty of different subjects in different sizes at a very competitive price!
BASIC KIT are perfect to decorate a single wall or a small bedroom
MAXI KIT are designed for medium – large walls or bed rooms and for those who wants to give to their children marvelous settings getting incredible results!
...And they can also be a really fantastic gift idea for the little ones!

BECCOBLU® ADHESIVE METERS          go to the Beccoblu® Adhesive Methers

A colorful and original idea that gives you the opportunity to measure your children's height and decorate a part of their bedroom. Each meter has a different subject and can be matched with other stickers based on of the same theme.


BECCOBLU® ADHESIVE DECORATING STRIPS    go to the Beccoblu® Adhesive Decorating Strips

To give a different touch to your children's bedroom try the Beccoblu® adhesive decorating strips. They can be applied on the walls along the room perimeter or on each possible smooth, clean and dry surface following your fantasy.
Beccoblu® adhesive decorating strips are unique and original, ready to use and applying them is fun.
Each decorating strip is 98 cm (length) x 15 cm (height) and it's possible to choose among different subjects: start decorating the bedroom and have fun.


BECCOBLU® FLUOSTICKERS          go to the Beccoblu® Fluostickers

Colorful by daylight, they softly light up in the darkness and make your bedroom a special place, changing it in a magical sky populated by sweet friends and nice characters.
Being exposed to the daylight, they will spread a delicate glow that will keep company with your children softly making them fall asleep. Beccoblu® fluostickers are printed with eco-friendly inks, cut on an adhesive glossy fluorescent vinyl film of the best quality out, completely safe, non-toxic, cadmium and dangerous softeners free as all Beccoblu® stickers.


BECCOBLU® ADHESIVE BLACKBOARDS    go to the Beccoblu® Adhesive Blackboards

Would you like to leave a message in your children's bedroom? Or would you prefer let them draw, scribble all over then erase and start again? Adhesive blackboards are perfectly suited for this purpose and to let your children free to express themselves and liberate their fantasy.

You can write or draw using a chalk and to erase you can use a wet rag.

There are many different and original adhesive boards, with many different shapes like animals, fruits, natural elements, houses, cars and much more, so enjoyable to decorate your favorite surfaces and they can also be a really fantastic gift idea for the little ones!

Produced with safe and non-toxic materials, 100% made in Italy, are durable and resist to your little one's vivacity.
Each blackboard is supplied with a white or colored chalk to start to draw immediately. Choose among our many offers and...have fun!








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  • Tuesday, 11 May 2021

    Opinion of about:

    5 Stars
    prodotto unico nel suo genere. ne ho provati tanti con i miei bambini, questi sono i migliori nella qualità, njei colori,nella durata. comprati a prezzo ottimo, utile poterli scegliere come grandezza, e anche i più grandi rimangono perfetti e non si staccano, ottimi prezzi e spedizione velocissima
  • Sunday, 24 January 2021

    Opinion of about:

    5 Stars
    Ottimi stickers, sia per immagini/colori che per la durata nel tempo! La stanza dei miei bimbi sembra un vero acquario!
  • Saturday, 31 August 2019

    Opinion of about:

    5 Stars
    perfetto! col tempo non si scolla e resta come nuovo
  • Monday, 25 February 2019

    Opinion of about:

    5 Stars
    Stickers meravigliosi. La resa è quella che desideravo. Consiglio l'acquisto e ordino immediatamente altri soggetti.
  • Monday, 26 November 2018

    Opinion of about:

    5 Stars
    avevo già acquistato da becco blu e come sempre hanno superato le mie aspettative,complimenti per la qualità degli adesivi,per le istruzioni,per la bellezza degli adesivi nei colori forme e dimensioni.
  • Sunday, 07 October 2018

    Opinion of about:

    5 Stars
    Ottimo adesivo, bellissimo e funzionale!!
  • Monday, 27 August 2018

    Opinion of about:

    5 Stars
    Abbiamo comprato questo e tanti altri adesivi delle collezioni: Amici della nanna e Luna e Stelle. Un mix perfetto, camera bellissima e adesivi davvero ben fatto.
    Tant'è che per la sorellina l'altra parete sara Fatina sulla luna e tanti altri. <3 <3
  • Wednesday, 01 August 2018

    Opinion of about:

    5 Stars
    Ho acquistao questo ed altri prodotti! Tra cui kit fluo! Bellissimi, duraturi, di ottima qualità! Tempi di consegna rapidissimi!
  • Sunday, 10 December 2017

    Opinion of about:

    3 Stars
    veloci, precisi, stickers facili da appendere e belli
  • Friday, 24 November 2017

    Opinion of about:

    5 Stars
    Gli adesivi sono davvero molto belli,semplici da applicare e molto scenografici,la spedizione é veramente rapida....

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