the colors of the bedroom

Usually in a family house the place specially intended for the children is their bedroom, where they not only sleep but very often spend their time with their building blocks, drawing, playing and so on.

Their bedrooms are fundamental in our children's world, their importance is greater than any other place of the house.
It's where they can express and affirm their personality, nurture their dreams, fill with memories and achievements each single moment of their life, from playing time to rest time, and finally to their first important school tasks .
Architecture, pedagogy and environmental psychology have realized important studies about the importance of the rooms and spaces dedicated to the children, with very interesting results about the relationship between these spaces and the developmental needs of the children.

Painting your children's room, it should be given great importance to the color of the walls, since it could influence your children's mood. Scientist demonstrated that colors influence psyche and mood of who stay in a room, either positively or negatively.

Here there are a few quick suggestions, useful to identify the most suitable color for your children's bedroom walls.

Red: it's a stimulating color, accelerates heartbeat and increases blood pressure. If your child is particularly lively or even hyperactive, it's better avoiding the shades of red.

Blue/light blue: they are relaxing colors, they calm down and facilitate feelings of reflection.
These colors are particularly suitable for children aged from 0 to 24 months, because they are ideal to facilitate relaxation and sleep, which are fundamental in the first phase of their growth.

Green: relaxing as well, it's the symbol of balance and harmony, perfect for the bedrooms of the most lively children
Yellow: it's a stimulating color and facilitates concentration. Perfect for children aged 2 or more, fosters creativity and it's one of the most stimulating colors. It also enhances natural light at its best. Choose a less bright shade at the beginning of school years, when course books are put beside toys.
Orange: joyful and energetic color, stimulates games and fantasy.
Purple/Violet: it's the symbol of sensitivity, facilitates tranquility and feelings of reflection.

White: although it's the color representing childhood and innocence par excellence, it may not be sufficient to stimulate joy and vivacity in a child: if you don't like too bright colors, choose pastel colors combined with contrasting shades, in order to create a well-balanced composition. It's useful to bear in mind that light colors are more suitable for small bedrooms, while darker colors suit bigger rooms better.
Moreover, the light is very important: either in tender age or during the development, the relationship with the light is of the utmost importance. The light stimulates the production of substances useful for your children's growth and health and support a well balanced growth.

The bedroom can be made more beautiful, fun and organized if decorations are inspired by a theme: nature, animals, adventures, fantastical characters, flowers and seasons, and so on.
A theme room will accommodate a child arousing enthusiasm and great fun.



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    prodotto unico nel suo genere. ne ho provati tanti con i miei bambini, questi sono i migliori nella qualità, njei colori,nella durata. comprati a prezzo ottimo, utile poterli scegliere come grandezza, e anche i più grandi rimangono perfetti e non si staccano, ottimi prezzi e spedizione velocissima
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    Ottimi stickers, sia per immagini/colori che per la durata nel tempo! La stanza dei miei bimbi sembra un vero acquario!
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    perfetto! col tempo non si scolla e resta come nuovo
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    Stickers meravigliosi. La resa è quella che desideravo. Consiglio l'acquisto e ordino immediatamente altri soggetti.
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    avevo già acquistato da becco blu e come sempre hanno superato le mie aspettative,complimenti per la qualità degli adesivi,per le istruzioni,per la bellezza degli adesivi nei colori forme e dimensioni.
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    Ottimo adesivo, bellissimo e funzionale!!
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    Abbiamo comprato questo e tanti altri adesivi delle collezioni: Amici della nanna e Luna e Stelle. Un mix perfetto, camera bellissima e adesivi davvero ben fatto.
    Tant'è che per la sorellina l'altra parete sara Fatina sulla luna e tanti altri. <3 <3
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    Ho acquistao questo ed altri prodotti! Tra cui kit fluo! Bellissimi, duraturi, di ottima qualità! Tempi di consegna rapidissimi!
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    veloci, precisi, stickers facili da appendere e belli
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    Gli adesivi sono davvero molto belli,semplici da applicare e molto scenografici,la spedizione é veramente rapida....

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